Monday, 22 November 2010

January 2011 Publications

Nicholas Mark Harding's Sunsphere will now appear, finally, in January. Publication Date is slated for 17th, that special day beloved of the Priory of Sion. Although they don't feature in Nick's novel, we thought the date apt, given that the POS is largely a load of BS, a subject SS sends up (or does it?). The delays have largely been caused by Mr Lish, who has taken longer than usual to edit the MS, and Mr Caxton, who has fallen foul of the Spanish Inquisition (whom nobody, of course, expects).

Louise S. Milne's Carnvals and Dreams: Pieter Bruegel and the History of the Imagination appears on 30th, in a revised, monochrome edition. The revisions are typographical; no new material has been added to the book for this edition. We are issuing this as a monochrome edition, i.e. all the illustrations will be black and white. This is in the service of bringing Louise's groundbreaking book to a wider public. It will retail at less than half the price of the first edition. (We will also be publishing the revised edition in full colour, but a publication date has yet to be decided.)

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