Sunday, 30 May 2010

New Title: Anglesey - A Megalithic Journey

The extraordinary wealth of ancient and historical sites on the Welsh island of Anglesey represents a microcosm of British history, from the deep Neolithic past to the Roman occupation, through the rise of the Welsh princes to the heyday of the Victorian resort of Beaumaris. It was on Anglesey that the ancient Druids took their last stand against the Roman invaders.

Neil McDonald is an expert on the mythic and historical geography of Anglesey. In this fascinating book, he explores the island’s heritage and countryside, providing vivid descriptions and rich historical backgrounds for its landmarks and culture.

Anglesey, A Megalithic Journey combines clear writing with excellent historical understanding, the perfect guide to your own tour of the island.

Paperback: 90 pages
Published: 1 June 2010
ISBN-10: 0955523060
ISBN-13: 978-0955523069
RRP: £11.99

Thursday, 13 May 2010

New Title: Sunsphere

Three Keys
Two Spheres
One Secret

Two enigmatic 18th century manuscripts appear to authenticate the events described in Sunsphere, a novel by Mark Arden, best-selling author of historical conspiracy thrillers. Had Arden inadvertently stumbled upon a genuine mystic secret when he wrote his latest blockbuster? Is there a real mystery to be unravelled?

Three friends, all experts in mysterious antiquities, decide to investigate. With the reluctant Arden in tow, they unearth a secret code in the Somerset country house where the first manuscript was discovered. The clues point to Venice, to its famous Customs House on the Grand Canal. Here, it seems, the golden globe of Fortuna, high above the building, conceals a great secret – exactly as Arden wrote in Sunsphere.

But does the author know more than he’s letting on? Who are the sinister people shadowing their every move? Could the solution to the mystery blow apart one of the world’s major religions? The most cynical member of the team has his doubts, the truth is even stranger, and all is not as it seems....


RRP: £8.99