Wednesday, 11 November 2009

New Title: Sunsphere

Our next publication will be Nick Harding's novel Sunsphere, officially published on 10/1/10.

When two unpublished 18th century manuscripts are re-discovered, they appear to authenticate the events described in Sunsphere, the most recent mega-selling novel by Mark Arden, the author of blockbusting historical conspiracy thrillers. Had Arden inadvertently stumbled upon a genuine great secret when he wrote his multi million seller? And is there, as the manuscripts seem to suggest, a real mystery to be unravelled?

Convincing themselves there must be, three investigators set out to follow the trail of clues that begin in the country house where the first manuscript was discovered. Here a secret code is unearthed, the solution to which points them in the direction of Venice and more specifically the Customs House on the Grand Canal where, it seems, there is a great secret hidden within the golden globe of Fortuna that stands high above the building, exactly as Arden wrote in Sunsphere.

But while in the city it slowly dawns on them that there maybe more to this than just coincidence. Does Arden know more than he’s letting on and who are the strange people that seem to follow their every move? When the mystery is solved a shocking secret is revealed to the world, and one that is set to blow apart Christianity. But it soon becomes clear, at least to the most cynical member of the team, exactly what has been going on and all is not what it seems.

Saturday, 31 October 2009

New Title: Bride's Mound

Just out is a new book on one of Glastonbury's lesser-known sacred sites. Bride's Mound: Gateway to Avalon, by Gordon Strong and Jane Marshall, is an invaluable guide to this important site. Combining pagan and Christian traditions, together with Arthurian myth, Bride's Mound is set to be required reading for this most secret of Glastonbury's legendary locales. The book is complimented with illustrations by Welsh-born, San Francisco-based artist Jen Delyth.

Friday, 14 August 2009

New Website Coming Soon

Our new website will be up and running - finally - in September. In the meantime, please visit our Amazon Store.

Just published is Gordon Strong's Tarot Unveiled, a short but wise guide to the mysteries of the Tarot.

A second edition of Louise S. Milne's acclaimed study of Pieter Bruegel, Carnivals and Dreams: Pieter Bruegel and the History of the Imagination, is in the works. A pub date has yet to be set, but will be announced here as soon as it has been set.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

King Arthur: The Waste Land and the New Age Published

Our new title, Gordon Strong's King Arthur: The Waste Land and the New Age, is published today.

In the book, Gordon describes the myths surrounding the once and future king, arguing that the stories have more relevance than ever for a 21st century audience.

The book has already received praise from Professor Ronald Hutton, no less, who hails the book as "This is one of the most strongly individual and imaginative reinterpretations of the Arthurian legend that I have ever encountered."

You can buy a copy of King Arthur: The Waste Land and the New Age at our Amazon A-store.