Wednesday, 11 November 2009

New Title: Sunsphere

Our next publication will be Nick Harding's novel Sunsphere, officially published on 10/1/10.

When two unpublished 18th century manuscripts are re-discovered, they appear to authenticate the events described in Sunsphere, the most recent mega-selling novel by Mark Arden, the author of blockbusting historical conspiracy thrillers. Had Arden inadvertently stumbled upon a genuine great secret when he wrote his multi million seller? And is there, as the manuscripts seem to suggest, a real mystery to be unravelled?

Convincing themselves there must be, three investigators set out to follow the trail of clues that begin in the country house where the first manuscript was discovered. Here a secret code is unearthed, the solution to which points them in the direction of Venice and more specifically the Customs House on the Grand Canal where, it seems, there is a great secret hidden within the golden globe of Fortuna that stands high above the building, exactly as Arden wrote in Sunsphere.

But while in the city it slowly dawns on them that there maybe more to this than just coincidence. Does Arden know more than he’s letting on and who are the strange people that seem to follow their every move? When the mystery is solved a shocking secret is revealed to the world, and one that is set to blow apart Christianity. But it soon becomes clear, at least to the most cynical member of the team, exactly what has been going on and all is not what it seems.

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